Do your parishioners have a powerful reason to stay committed to the Catholic Church?

Do your catechists have a clarity that carries over to their sharing of faith with the young?

Do your parents have a compelling motivation to keep the Catholic Faith and Church at the center of their family?

Do your youth know how to answer the attacks on their faith that they experience on the internet and in their lives?

Tony Bellizzi, experienced lay Catholic evangelist has a new presentation that provides your people with all of these: “YB Catholic”

People are walking away from church and religion in droves. The sense that religious faith is necessary for a good life, that church participation is crucial, and specific religious belief matters is rapidly dying. The internet puts all spiritual ideas on a level playing field, technology isolates, lies and confusion abound, all igniting the sense that religion is archaic and irrelevant.In this climate, anything less than a compelling reason to be Catholic will not hold.

Fortunately we have every reason to believe our Catholic faith and to commit to our Church.

We are not going back. The path forward may not be exactly clear to us, but it has been definitively laid out by Our Lord and Savior and how it is to be carried out by the community that he established.This presentation was recently given at the Catechetical Forum of the Archdiocese of New York. Please free to contact Sr. Kevin John at the Catechetical Office for reviews.This program stands on its own or as a part of a parish retreat. It also can work well in tandem with “Bring them Home” covering the reasons for our faith crisis and what can be done to help those you care about who have lost faith and/or left the Church.

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St. Madeleine Sophie – Youth Retreat

March 24, 2019