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My mission is simple and has one focus: to serve God and be an instrument of God’s love and light. Whether it is by Initiating a global movement for radical change, or helping a single teenager find their way. Whether it is opening my home for live celebrations of the arts and conversation, or using the internet to spread art and knowledge. Whether it is my own performances and artistic creations, or providing opportunities for a single child or family to lift themselves out of poverty, Whether it is conducting programs for young people to discover and cultivate their spiritual nature, or initiating ways for people of all ages to come together in love.

I invite you join in my adventures as we transform life on this planet, one person, one gathering at a time, all the while having as much fun as possible.

Tony Bellizzi

In the end it will not matter what you did. It will matter even less how well you did it. What will matter is who you did it for. ...
Tony Bellizzi

Current Projects

Hope for the Children
Tony is the founder and director of Hope for the Children Foundation, which works for justice by providing opportunity and relief in the poorest countries in the world and in the United States. His primary focus is the empowering of youth. All the funds from any of Tony’s programs go directly to the children and families in the Foundation’s projects. Hope for the Children Foundation sponsors economic empowerment, disaster relief, youth leadership training, and educational programs always at the grassroots level.

“Let us go about our lives in such a way so as to give Hope for the Children”

Tony Bellizzi Director Hope For The Children Foundation Inc.

The Civilization of Love
Tony is spearheading a global movement to shift national and international policies and practices to be governed by the law of love; love defined as working for the well-being and development of others as hard as we do for ourselves.
While dreamed of and hoped for by people everywhere throughout human history, this is a new voice that says our collective lives should be governed by the same highest principles that we personally aspire to. When implemented we have a totally new way of conducting human affairs that would significantly change the way we live on this planet for the better.

While Tony’s book “The Civilization of Love” lays out the need for and foundation of the movement, his website provides a place for like-minded people in every country on earth to connect and come together to form action groups and political parties.

“We’ve tried the law of the jungle, an age of reason, an information age. It’s time to build a Civilization of Love.”

Tony Bellizzi Founder The Civilization of Love

The Conversation Place
Starting in March 2017 Tony opens his home in Queens Village NYC as a safe place where neighbors and friends can come together to get to know each other and have conversations about news in the world, nation and neighborhood. In a time where people just don’t talk with each other anymore, “The Conversation Place” exists to facilitate much-needed communication and understanding It is a response to the growing isolation in our American society as well the increased practice of demonizing others who think and believe differently. Monthly sessions are facilitated to insure a civil atmosphere as people share their thoughts and experiences. This is a model for a movement where every community in America might have Conversation Places. The website exists as a place where meetings can be listed and people connected.

Tony Bellizzi Founder The Conversation Place

Advance retreats
Tony conducts over 500 spiritual retreats, youth, and prison programs annually. His work is about bringing people together for spiritual awakening and healing, speaking truth in love. Based in New York City area, Tony travels widely offering a wide variety of presentations for every age group anywhere in the world.

Tony Bellizzi Director World Tour Info

Pope Francis Journey
Tony greatly admires Pope Francis as a human being, church, and world leader. His website PopeFrancisJourney,com promotes the work of Pope Francis, archiving his teachings on a great variety of subjects, memes to spread those messages on social media, and a forum for like-minded people to discuss and connect.

Tony Bellizzi Creator Pope Francis Journey

The Shack Experience
Inspired by the book “The Shack”, a powerful book detailing a profound God encounter, Tony has created a Shack in the attic of the Relig Youth Home as an opportunity for Youth to have one-on-one quiet time with God. “The Shack Experience” website is a virtual presentation of some of the offerings in the New Rochelle Shack.

Tony Bellizzi Creator The Shack Experience

Youth Ministry Library
Tony has worked in the Youth Ministry field for many years, collecting over 8,000 resources for working with youth which are available at his YMLibrary.com site.

Tony Bellizzi Curator YM Library

Antarctica Journal
Tony is founder and Editor-in-chief of this unique online journal that has reached quite an audience beyond Antarctica. The site features environmental issues affecting the continent, as well as under-covered, important, and sometimes quirky news stories. We feature poetry, short stories, satire, art, and photography submitted from all over the world,  as well as cartoons,and inspirational quotes.
Antarctica journal.com.

Tony Bellizzi Founder / Editor In Chief Antarctica Journal

Tony Bellizzi is a performance artist whose vision and work transcends borders. His art consists of the interplay of stories, words, music, images, and people, often breaking down the barriers between audience and artist. His performance art opens up the audience to the world rather than merely providing an escape from it. His hybrid work of art, poetry and written word, film and photography are featured on his Zero Gravity website as well as the Antarctica Journal website.

Tony Bellizzi Performance Artist Zero Gravity

The Vault
Tony is the founder and director of “The Vault” an underground art and performance venue in Queens Village, New York City that rejects the business model for creative expression. Located literally in the first floor of a home, we have been a home for artists of all ages, levels, and art-forms for over 20 years as a safe, welcoming environment for artistic expression and experimentation. Poets, actors, singer-songwriters, comics, musicians, bands, spoken-word and performance artists are all invited. The Vault also includes an art gallery.

“Fear no Art”
“Rage against the machine”

Tony Bellizzi Founder / Director The Vault

East Timor Arts Society
The East Timor Arts Society was established to showcase the beautiful artistic capabilities of the citizens of Timor-Leste (EastTimor). Without such artistic venues, much of the local artistic creations would go unseen, never having been able to portray their beauty or tell their story. Every artistic work on display at The East Timor Arts Society tells a unique story of the people of East Timor. Stories that envelop their hopes, their dreams, their fears, and their despair. A testament to their heritage of both past and future. We invite you to visit our gallery and experience for yourself the amazing artistry that awaits.

Tony Bellizzi Curator East Timor Arts Society